Microsoft Dynamics AX – Engineering Industry

A Microsoft Dynamics AX vertical solution for enterprises whose business activities are development and manufacturing of complex technical products.

    The increasing complexity of products generates more complex business processes and therefore higher demands on enterprise information systems.  Dynamics AX – Engineering Industry is a Microsoft Dynamics AX based software solution developed by the Dynamica, a.s. company to answer specifically the needs of enterprises whose business activities include development and on-order manufacturing of complex technical products.

  The solution uses the extensive general functionality of the robust Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system that it adjusts and extends based on the requirements of industrial enterprises whose business covers design and on-order manufacturing of complex machinery and equipment. The solution suits mainly for those engineering enterprises that supply their products to customers from such industrial segments like power industry, chemical industry, heavy manufacturing, metallurgical industry as well as for the suppliers for the construction industry or automotive and aircraft industry sectors.


   To stand keen competition, development and make-to-order oriented enterprises have to respond efficiently to their customers’ requirements. To succeed, they need reliable cost and time management tools. Moreover, no product is identical to others, and customers require specific adjustments that require pre-production engineering and routing adjustments, which means, project specific management and planning are a necessity. 

   Engineering Industry, a business (sector) specific Microsoft Dynamics AX based solution supports continuous improvement of business processes and allows enterprises to respond more efficiently to customers’ requirements while accomplishing their business and profit/cost objectives.

  For a major range of enterprises, the Microsoft Dynamics AX based Engineering Industry solution is easily available and adjustable without risks and unnecessary costs. The flexible architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX allows simple adaptation to tailor the solution to specific needs and requirements of a particular company.

Our desire is to offer our customers a solution that will help them get competitive advantage due to overall communication improvement, knowledge of all important performance indicators, and real-time information availability to allow high-level decision making and management control.

Business specific solution

  • Engineer-to-order and make-to-order enterprises
  • Manufacturing and assembly of complete industrial units
  • Manufacturing of special machinery and equipment
  • Automotive and aircraft industry

Main benefits

  • Increased speed and flexibility of development and production responding to customer requirements
  • Improved internal communication and communication with business partners
  • Consistent planning and cost/time management
  • More efficient management of company resources and reduction of costs based on precise information from production
  • Fast return on investments (ROI)

Main features

Project preparation and management 


  • Project change management
  • Forecast versions and variants
  • Cost calculation versions and variants
  • Continuous evaluation of currently incurred costs
Order preparation and management
  • Copying BOM (Bill of Materials) and routing structures
  • Order change management
  • Order updating acc. to master engineering data
  • Extended checking of costs
  • Advanced management of material issues for production
  • Planning of volumes of production resources needed related to fixed delivery dates
  • Inverse planning based on available materials
  • Information extension related to actions (recommendations) and dates (delays)
  • Comparing changes – current plans against preceding plans
  • Transfer of priorities from sales orders/projects in production
Material flow management
  • Subcontracting management
  • Checking customer-supplied materials in WIP (work in progress)
 Cost control 
  • Continuous calculation of order structure based actual costs
  • Retroactive allocation of actual costs to production orders
  • Work in progress calculation, retroactively as on date
  • Semi-finished product cost calculation on production operation – valuation of defective products
Work registering
  • Extended off-line and on-line work reporting
  • Supervisor’s approval of reports
  • Detailed and independent tracing of times for machines, employees and tools
Machine and tool administration and maintenance
  • Extended machine and tool registration control
  • Machine and tool operation journals
  • Machine and tool lifetime calculation and tracing
  • Tool production synchronizing with the production for which that tool is required
  • Periodic and operative maintenance
  • Cost evaluation