A solution for window and door manufacturers

A sector-specific solution for window and door manufacturers puts a specialized vertical into the Microsoft Dynamics AX system. The solution can cover all business processes of window and door manufacturers including engineering and product configuration.

Not all industrial sectors have changed so much in recent years as the production of windows and doors. The former traditional woodworking craft has completely changed.
What remains is the fact that windows and doors are still integral parts of every building. Builders’ demands on the quality of windows and doors are very high at present. Besides the appearance, the main aspects are functionality, safety and minimum heat losses.
Progressive manufacturers of smart windows and doors use materials and procedures that can meet even the most demanding requirements from architects and builders. And we have invented tools that can meet even the most demanding requirements from window and door manufacturers.

Information is essential

Why proper information in the window and door-manufacturing sector is more important than in other sectors? Because every window and every door is a unique product whose dimensions and design are different from all others. The objective is to satisfy as many customers as possible with a wide range of products. Hence the proper information is essential.

The partnership of 3E Datentechnik, Dynamica and Microsoft resulted in a unique business information system solution for window and door manufacturers. This partnership guarantees the three Ps:

  • Proper solution
  • Proper technology
  • Proper implementation

luuxa_schema.jpgBy choosing our solution, every manufacturer acquires a significant benefit of an uninterrupted information flow from the customers, through the distributors and the actual production, up to the suppliers. And in addition to this a number of tools that allow him evaluate information and automate administrative procedures.

The solution is complex however uncomplicated 

luuxa_1.jpg3E Datentechnik, a German Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, has been focusing on developing tools applicable for window and door manufacturers since 1993.
The luuXa ERP system is the result of a desire to invent a tool for window and door manufacturers that is both comprehensive and specialized.

There are no more complicated data transfers! It is an integral solution for all areas – from a design stage up to the assembly!

The luuXa ERP system combines specialized functionality of the Look tools and universal functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system. The result is a superior end-to-end vertical solution for window and door manufacturers based on the expertise and advanced technologies.

The vertical solution includes the following:

  • Window and door designer, product configurator
  • Quotation maintenance, costing and order control
  • Project control on production lines, production evaluating
  • Production capacity planning and assembly scheduling
  • Logistics control and graphical distribution planning

Future: We safeguard your investments

luuxa_2.jpgCombining a specific solution for window and door manufacturers with a universal and robust ERP system - Microsoft Dynamics AX - provides the users with significant benefits. Besides the functionality that through the synergy covers the business processes from the beginning to the end it is mainly the security of investment.

luuXa ERP is a solution that meets the most demanding requirements of companies whose expansion crosses local borders towards the international market.

luuXa ERP supports collaboration of enterprises located in different countries and allied under a supranational company. Users have multiple languages, currencies and legal rules available within a single installation.

You cannot see for sure how your company will grow in future years. With luuXa ERP however you are sure that you can adapt to every change.

luuXa ERP includes:

  • Overall functionality and tools of Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Extended functionality of a vertical solution for window and door manufacturers
  • Financials and accounting management including inter-company financials and consolidation
  • Complete supply chain management
  • CRM
  • Internet-based portal
  • Inter-company logistics operation management, B2B communication