Kentico manages its processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Kentico is a Brno IT company whose software for creating websites and managing online content and online marketing campaigns is used by trademark companies around the world, including Gibson, Mazda, Twinings, and Starbucks. Until recently, Kentico used its own software to built its own CRM system. After eight years of development, the company felt it was time for a change and implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

"The development of a custom CRM system cost us a lot of time and effort,“ said Rastislav Matušík, the Internal Service Director for Kentico Software. "That is why we decided to use existing and functional tools so that, rather than work on development, we could focus on the system’s implementation and tailoring it to our needs. The selection was between cloud solutions from Salesforce and Microsoft. In the end we chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM."

The new CRM has been in operation at Kentico since the beginning of February also thanks to Dynamica, which was the implementation partner. The target of the new system is to assist in the development, automation, and optimization of business processes. "Into the future, this represents the key platform for the management of marketing, sales and Customer Success activities," Matušík said.