McRoy Group has successfully implemented its information system in its Czech branch


McRoy Group has successfully completed the expansion of its CRASS information system into McROY Czech. The basis of the information system is an industry solution from Dynamica, which was developed as a specific industry expansion of Dynamics CRM.

The CRASS information system supports a comprehensive agenda for HR processes, including all business activities, hiring activities, the qualifications of candidates for employment, the processes for offering selected candidates to employers, the integration of advertising portals, an administrative agenda related to the provision of temporary assignments, and much more.

Because CRASS works on Dynamics CRM, McRoy Group has the option for this vertical industry solution to supplement specific functionalities, and, from it, derive information from systems operated by the individual countries in which the McRoy Group operates.

"When we decided in 2012 for a new information system, it was very important for us to choose a software platform that enables dynamic growth for the company and will allow shareholders to realize ambitious plans for international expansion. The successful rollout in the Czech Republic confirms that the choice of Microsoft Dynamics CRM was correct," says Jana Mesárová, the COO of McRoy Group.

"We are pleased that the rollout to another country within the McRoy Group was successful and confirmed the suitability of Dynamics CRM for the creation of specific information systems for corporate customers," said Dynamica Chairman Pavel Stanek.

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