The companies of the Arriva Group in the Czech Republic use Dynamica solutions based on a SharePoint Server to aggregate the reporting of the financial data of its subsidiaries

Arriva Group in the Czech Republic has launched the solution for aggregating the internal financial reporting data of its subsidiaries. The carrier chose the solutions of Dynamica.

Arriva Group in the Czech Republic added another company and needed to find a solution so that headquarters would receive fused internal reporting data from all its companies and it could all be further aggregated at the national level. The company examined the possibility of deploying different financial reporting systems, but eventually opted for a fully satisfactory solution based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

"During the negotiations, we came to the conclusion that the condensation and subsequent aggregation of data is best done in a specific application on the SharePoint Server," said the director of Dynamica, Boris Belousov. According to Belousov, providing a high degree of automation for the circulation of financial reporting data for individual organizational units, along with the creation of tools for aggregation in the multi-layered holding structure of Arriva Group, resulted in:

  1. A "single point of reference" -- one place where everyone can find the right internal reporting figures;
  2. A quick entry process and the control of input data reported at the subsidiary level;
  3. A uniform system for reporting and data entry;
  4. The automatic checking of input data;
  5. A single entry reporting assembly; and
  6. The possibility for the simple updating of the comments of the individual companies.

"It helped that we had experience with this type of solution when we implemented it for our customers in Austria," Belousov added.

The main activities of the Arriva Group in the Czech Republic is regular bus service. It currently operates nearly 2,000 buses and five trains, and employs more than 3,200 employees. Total group turnover is in excess of 4 billion Czech crowns. Arriva is the market leader for regular passenger bus services in the Czech Republic, which averages 120 million passengers annually.

Arriva in the Czech Republic is part of the Arriva Group, which is one of the largest transport companies in Europe, employs 56,000, and annually transports more than 2.2 billion passengers in 13 European countries.