Integrated Solution for FenStar

The FenStar company has decided to replace an old business system with a specialized LuuXa sector-specific solution for window and door manufacturers based on the Microsoft Dynamics AX system.


FenStar s.r.o. is an important producer of plastic and aluminum windows. The company was established in 1993, and since then its prestige has crossed the borders of the Czech Republic and extended to Europe. In 2004 the company moved to a new production plant in Hodějice u Slavkova, which allowed the company to double the daily production to hundreds of windows.
For a long time the company has been trying to find and apply a comprehensive information system able to support its business processes, however unsuccessfully. The initial IS supplier failed to set up a new engineering software directly connected with the business ERP system. The management of the company finally decided to discontinue the cooperation and seek a new solution.


"We have customers mainly from the EU. Due to this we have an idea about what solutions our European competitors use. Our previous experience has made us focus on proved solutions with good references and integrated with ERP systems. The winning luuXa ERP solution from 3E Datentechnik is built up on their own engineering software designed specifically for window manufacturers and on the advanced Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system. For the implementation and overall project support we have chosen Dynamica, which is a company possessing a team of experienced specialists," , says Tomáš Gadas, FenStar IT Project Manager.

In an extremely short time of three months we have implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX in basic logistics and financial areas inclusive data transferring from the original IS. The Microsoft Dynamic AX system for 35 concurrent users went live successfully on January 1, 2006.
Along with this, preparation of the engineering part of the system has taken place to cover engineering, material supply for production, production capacity planning and sales management. The overall solution covers also traveling route planning for the truck transport directly in the Microsoft Dynamics AX environment, linked to Microsoft Map Point 2006.


And what is the Tomáš Gadas’s opinion about the further progress of the project? "In the nearest future all employees have to be trained and instructed in the utilization of system capabilities We suppose that within a short time we will provide our approximately 100 sales representatives in Europe with the sales-management module of the luuXa ERP solution that will not only allow them to use the system on their trips but that will also allow electronic transferring of processed orders directly in the central system."

As the project at FenStar continues, it covers more and more business processes. Tomáš Gadas says:
"The degree of integration of a sector-specific solution and the standard Microsoft Dynamics AX is a pleasant surprise for me. The development of this sector-specific solution continues with a wide range of existing customers. And now we can participate in this development, too. Thanks to this we can use the most advanced solution in Europe. Users’ content with Microsoft Dynamics AX is an important indicator for the company management which shows that this solution really was a right choice."