Wavin Ekoplastik and Wavin-OSMA Case Study

Successful implementation of MS Dynamics AX for Wavin Ekoplastik and Wavin-OSMA

The situation prior to the Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation

Wavin_Ekoplastik_Logo.png   The Wavin Ekoplastik s.r.o.  Company is an important supplier of polypropylene pressure piping, mainly for water distribution and heating systems. WAVIN Ekoplastik s.r.o. is the biggest producer of these systems within the Czech Republic, and one of the leading European producers. Since 2004, Wavin Ekoplastik has been a member of a cross-European Wavin Group resident in Holland, with a regional centre for central and east Europe located in Poland. 

Wavin_OSMA_Logo_1.png    In the Czech Republic (CR), the company cooperates with Wavin-OSMA s.r.o., an exclusive representative within the CR.

   Before deciding about implementing the MS Dynamics AX IS in the central and east Europe, Wavin Ekoplastik used the MOVEX IS. They started to use the system in 2000, and lately extended it with an additional manufacturing management system that they wanted to retain and newly integrate with the MS Dynamics AX.


Systém tlakové rozvody vody Ekoplastik PPR In June 2011, the Dynamica Company started extensive pre-installation analyses, conducted simultaneously in Wavin Ekoplastik a Wavin OSMA companies, with the aim to prepare an implementation and migration project and contract necessary for starting the new system from January 1, 2012. The preparation included an analysis of existing customization adjustments to Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 run in the Central Office for the central and east Europe in WAVIN METALPLAST-BUK Sp. z o.o. Poland to be included in the implementation. This central operational system run in Poland was intended for use for Wavin Group companies operating in the Czech Republic.


A consortium of three companies participated in the implementation project:

  • Dynamica a.s., as an implementer of MS Dynamics AX for areas of purchasing, sales, warehousing, finance and manufacturing (engineering, costing, production orders) management for Wavin Ekoplastik s.r.o. and Wavin OSMA  s.r.o. companies. The scope of the work performed included data migration from the existing MOVEX IS and necessary software adjustments based on specific requirements related to logistics and sales procedures within the Czech Republic and for foreign sales procedures.
  • Bonair  S.A. Warsaw, a long-time partner of Wavin Poland and provider of MS Dynamics AX support as  a system integrator and project coordinator.
  • IT Integris Systemy IT Sp. z o. o. Poznaň, a long-time MS Dynamics AX local supporter in logistics and manufacturing management areas as a provider of MS Dynamics AX functional adjustments to the central MS Dynamics AX  system for the logistics and manufacturing management areas.

Systém Ekoplastik PPRBy applying a three-company consortium based project supply approach, possible project risks due to specific requirements for incorporating two additional Czech companies to the existing long established central-operated MS Dynamics AX in Poland have been eliminated. The project also included the manufacturing management system integration – a system run in The Czech Republic only.

The implementation project started in October 7, 2011, based on an overall detailed work schedule. The implementation took part simultaneously in two companies, which required close coordination of particular solution areas and consistent project management. Customer’s proactive approach and cooperation throughout all project levels substantially reduced the time needed for the implementation

The introduction of the Intercompany functionality, an important element of the implementation, significantly simplified and automated mutual business relations and  logistics and invoicing procedures between the manufacturer,  Wavin Ekoplastik s.r.o, and the exclusive vendor for the Czech Republic, Wavin-OSMA s.r.o

Covering several storage and distribution sites located in several places within the Czech Republic was a part of the solution.

Live operation of the MS Dynamics AX in Wavin Ekoplastik s.r.o.  and Wavin-OSMA s.r.o. companies started January 1, 2012, with the first monthly closing performed at the beginning of February 2012.


  • Wavin Ekoplastik s.r.o.  and Wavin OSMA s.r.o.  incorporated into an integrated MS Dynamics AX application environment, with all advantages of such arrangement. Furthermore, a centrally managed solution like this provides support to other Wavin consortium sites within the central and east Europe.
  • Customer’s advancement from a text-based environment of the original MOVEX IS to an up-to-date sophisticated graphical environment able to provide the customer with a high level of comfort and visibility in routine data processing procedures.
  • Moreover, the implementation included the integration to the existing Lotus Notes based mailing system with automated sending of business documents.
  • The implemented MS Dynamics AX solution is an advanced arrangement that allows further system development.